AP​-​004 Wolf Age

by Interregnum

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released January 1, 2017


Joshua Hart: effects boxes, tape machines, sampler, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano, keyboard, modular synthesizer, ribbon synthesizer, drum machine, drum kit, field recordings, saxophone, flute, bass guitar, process music software, organ, vocals

Gregory William: vocals, harmonium, bass guitar, analog synthesizer, drum machine, recorder, field recordings, bells, rattle

Recorded in Amite and New Orleans, Louisiana; Pensacola, Florida; and New York City
Designed by: Felipe Ferla


Joshua Hart: pedais de efeitos, tocador de fita K7, sampler, violão, guitarra, piano, teclado, sintetizador modular, sintetizador de faixa, bateria eletrônica, bateria, gravações de campo, saxofone, flauta, baixo, software de processamento, orgão, vocais

Gregory William: vocais, harmonium, baixo, sintetizador analógico, bateria eletrônica, flauta doce, gravações de campo, sinos, maraca

Gravado em Amite e Nova Orleans, Louisiana; Pensacola, Florida; e Nova York
Design por: Felipe Ferla




Abjection Productions Canoas, Brazil

Experimental Music Netlabel.
Edited by Felipe Ferla & Guilherme Maschke

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Track Name: Artifice (Fire and Ice)
The earth shook
As they rode to distant lands
Two old ones in disguise

Long gowns flowed
And his eyes, they were flaming
As day turned into night

With hammer
And his eyes like leaping flames
He slayed them one by one

All descends into frost as day turns into night, etc…

From ice and flames
Flows the world of changes
From ice and flames
Come forth all the changes
Track Name: Averted Eyes Around the Fires of Asgard
There was a brooding silence
Disrupted by malignant words
Pale death is in the hall
In excess of everything heard

Axe age
Sword age
Wolf age
Wind age

They look round the fires
With averted eyes
Towards their doom they go

Things that are fair and vibrant
Dispersing now like flying birds
Long shadows fall on the wall
The serpent and wolf are stirred
Track Name: Fire and Ice II
From ice and flames, etc…

Down in the gap
All things combine
Before all names
And lacking sign
Down in the gap
All things combine
Out of the flame
Out of the rime

Down in the gap
All things combine
Fore wax and wane
Outside of time
Track Name: Thrymskvida
O Thunderer!
Protect this land
Bring forth the rain
And fields of green

O Thunderer!
O Lord of Wind!
Come forth in rain
All shimmering
Track Name: Bound by Intestines (Where You Want to Be)
Drunk art thou and mad thy deeds
Wiggle, wiggle, to break free
Cast a gaze of icy scorn
Can’t have roses without thorns

From offspring’s guts
Forged chains of iron
Binding him till the end of time
Blood for blood
Scion for scion
Binding him till the end of time